Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Beyond The Grave

"There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is how far is it from midtown and how late is it open." Woody Allen

For centuries now people has been fascinated with the concept of communicating with the dead.  From the birth of the spiritual revolution in 1848 by the Fox Sisters until now, the thought that the “soul” could actually exists without the body has remained a mystery.  Many researchers today have speculated on the theory of Parallel Universes bridging the gap between science and the supernatural, the living and the dead.  One of the greatest minds of the world, Albert Einstein professed the basic laws of physics stating that we are made of energy, in which energy cannot be created or destroyed, but in fact can only change from one form into another.  So where do we go when we leave this earth? And even when we lose our physical manifestation, do we continue to live on another plane of existence?
Recent discoveries in quantum physics have suggested that the mind itself does in fact interact with matter thus giving us the power of suggestion to opening our minds to accepting this theory.   In doing so this could in fact lead us to a better understanding that there is far more than what we see and that we may be consistently interacting with more than just one universe.   Paranormal researchers as well as psychics have often pondered this notion that the mind and spirit has the psychic ability to travel through the closest dimensions, providing a gateway to the other side.   These alleged “portals” grant entities the right of passage from our world to the next, possibly creating heighten activity at a purported haunted location.

Paranormal investigators have been able to capture some of these proposed gateways on film.  Photographs obtained near its point of origin have reflected mists, as well as anomalies, EVP and temperature fluctuations.  Could this be why apparitions caught on film appear to be floating or hovering above ground verses walking our convention way of transportation? Or is it possible that our plane in which we live in not flushed with the next?

In many cultures it is believed that the veil between worlds is the thinnest the night preceding All Hallows day (November 1st). It is thought to be a night of power, when the veil that separates the spiritual and material worlds could touch for a moment, and a greater potential exists for spiritual connection.

Many gifted psychics have similar beliefs.  The “portal” is a doorway, entrance or light and is a focal point into a new beginning or the next plane. It can not be seen by the human eye, (Except in death, thus the sight of a bright light seen by those in near death experiences).  This light represents another universe or plane upon crossing at death.  Our physical body hinders our ability to pass and explore these dimensions as a whole.   However, in remote viewing, meditation or an astral projection situation, it does seem that we may have the capabilities to pass through and explore these realms.  Although all psychics are unique in their gifts, many have the ability to sense the presence of such entities in our environment, thus allowing for spirit communication converging between our world and the next.  Some mediums believe that when an entity crosses over from this physical plane with their assistance, it leaves a marker or light beacon in which other entities are drawn to.   Like bugs are allured to light, so too are spirits to mediums hoping to be acknowledged and to convey their messages to those still on the physical plane.

A true psychic can be an asset to any paranormal researcher’s investigation.  They often can draw the spirits to them acting as a conduit for collecting data which is extremely significant to any investigator. Although psychics
are highly intuitive and can also be extremely sensitive to the various energies they provide insight and many times validate these energies, vibrations, and temperature fluxuations, that only electronic equipment can verify beyond our normal physical senses. Although from a scientific standpoint, a psychic’s direct communication with the dead can not be confirmed, it can however be observed and through consistent reoccurrences and positive results, can add creditability to their gifts.

 Psychics have become an additional tool that can be used in conjunction with your other equipment.  When conducting an investigation of an alleged haunted location, as a paranormal researcher you should exhaust any and all means of documenting your investigation in the hopes of capturing some amazing evidence.  Would you not be more likely to try different methods of investigation if it in fact could increase your chances on achieving documented proof the paranormal exists?   Being opened minded just may produce more valid concrete date in the uphill climb to prove there is life beyond death. 

Regardless to your common practices to paranormal investigations, the fact that still remains that some psychics may have a direct link to the dead, the very subject a paranormal investigator pursues in their studies.    So you should ask yourself, “Does psychic sensitivity open one up to having a paranormal experience or does an experience with the paranormal increase one's psychic ability?”   We may never know, until we pierce that very veil that lies just beyond the grave.